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May 30, 2015 the best external hdd for the wii u is a 200gb microsd card. In some cases it is convenient to reduce the number of toolbars displayed and get more space for the document. Formatting a usb drive to work with a wii means changing the drive s entire file system to one that is unrecognizable by pcs or macs. For the time being i think i will be ok with just the 8gb which after the system update will be around 3gb. Once the console is on, it will detect the external device, and a dialogue will prompt you to format the hard drive. How to set up and access external storage nintendo support.

But the actual format to fat 32 on my 4tb wd black gaming hardrive worked. The console refused to recognize the drive and needed to perform its special wii uformatting all over again. Devices that draw their power from usb ports are known as buspowered devices, and are not recommended for use with wii u. External storage on the wii u has two hard and fast rules.

Cannot use external hdd the device could not be formatted. Yeah, he didnt indicate in his op, and there have been people asking about storing the full game on the hard drive. Ensure that the power to the wii u console is off, then insert the usb plug of the device into one of the usb ports on the front or rear of the console. How to set up a external hard drive on wii u wii u wiki.

The external hard drive has to be formatted to be used exclusively with the wii u. I generally buy all of my console games in physical form, but ive. This is not a problem, it is the way it was intended to work by nintendo. I formatted the wii u hard drive within the wii u and am now trying to format it again using my pc so that my ps3 will recognize it. Compatible usb storage devices wii u support nintendo. In my experience depending on the size it will take longer. But the wii u was unable to detect the connection of the device. External hard drives and formatting wii u forum page 1. For the best results with storage devices, we recommend using a hard drive with its own power supply that connects to the wii u via the usb port on the console. I did some research and i found many posts that said i have to partition my hard drive. Using the left stick, scroll to data management and press the a button.

May 24, 2009 save your wii games to an external hard drive with this handy tutorial for speedier and scratchfree playback. We rooted wii u encryption and file system, says hacker group. At first, i figured any external hard drive up to 2tb would work with the system. Doing so will erase all your games data and save files stored in it. Dec 25, 2012 my wii is modded and i just got a 1tb external hard drive. Following the december 2012 system update the wii u will be able to recognize a storage device that is over 2tb, but 2tb will still be the maximum. Dec 25, 2012 so i bought a 1tb external usb hard drive that i could put games on to play in my modded wii. Optionally enter a name for the partition in my case wii. Is there a way i can use half of it for wii games and the other half for just regular usb use. Microwafer drive is a new drive technology that loads a 24k program in 20 seconds vs. Apr 17, 2010 connecting an external hard drive to your wii to backup and play your games is a simple way to keep expensive discs out of harms way, decrease game load times and organise your collection with.

It will either let you know during start up or manually format through data management. If you are one of the 12 million nintendo wii u owners out there, chances are that you know how awesome the wii u truly is. Dec 07, 2012 i would certainly like that as without a disc in the drive, the wii u is almost silent. I used wii backup manager to format the hard drive. And adding an external hard drive to the wii u or xbox one requires formatting. What is the cheapest external hard drive available. Please make sure if your external hard drive uses usb 3. After the formatting, the wii u will now detect the external storage as an official storage. Having external storage is fine and all, but its extra baggage that needs to sit around the system. If you are using a selfpowered hdd, ensure the devices power supply is plugged in and receiving power. The 8tb my book external hard drive from western digital.

Nintendo support forums nintendo wii u family cannot use external hdd the. Full text of amiga format issue 077 199511future publishinggb see other formats. Google is not helping me in answering the question either. Copy game from disc to system memory or external hdd. The new media from eflc cannot be accessed by gta iv even if you install it to the hard drive regardless of version. What external storage devices can be used with wii u. Due to the wide range of external storage devices, usability and performance will vary. Back up and play your wii games from an external hard drive.

Warning when the wii u formats the hard drive it deletes all of your partitions and leaves you with one wii u partition. It needs to be powered, either by an ac adapter or through a y cable. Recommended for its reliability and maximum performance. What else could be usedconnected through these two usb ports on the wii. A massive update is needed to be installed but theres not enough memory left. When updating the drives firmware, do not select to format the device if prompted by your pc as this will delete your data. Heres the problemthe wii u has recognised the extra memory but the update wont download saying not enough storage space.

In your start menu, right click my computer and choose manage. Your other option is to use a portable external hard drive, which normally gets power through its usb cable rather than an ac adapter. Because 1tb is a lot of space and i want to be able to use it for the wii and my computer. How to format a 4tb hard drive to a fat32 format wd hard. Once formatted, it is not possible to use the hard drive with anything else unless you format it back. Not much help but it at least can narrow down your troubleshooting. Once a device has been configured for use with a wii u console, it cannot be used with another wii u console, pc, etc. I wanted to know if there is anyway i could connect my external hard drive to my wii console through the usb port. I have movies on this drive and was wondering if there is anyway i could watch them through this port.

Wii u external harddrive problem wii u forum page 1. Reformatting hdd used on wii u so it can be used on a pc again. May 30, 20 what is the cheapest external harddrive. If so then you know theres nothing wrong with the hard drive cables at least and it is in fact a wii u problem. Warning when the wii u formats the hard drive it deletes all of your. The best external hdd for the nintendo wii u is a 120gb ssd. Ensure that the wii u console is powered off when connecting or disconnecting a usb storage device. Just remember that any native formatted wiiu drive can only be used on. Wii u external hard drive, right click on the wii u partition and click format. Full text of amiga format magazine issue 069 see other formats. I have noticed that after turning off the wii u, the desktop drive will stay on and communicate with the wii u when the light color is orange on the wii u instead of red. As the name of the website should make obvious, we do a lot of downloading here at digitally downloaded, and the christmas period is the most busy of all. While the wiiu was closed, i unplugged my external hard drive and.

It will either let you know during start up or manually format through data. In the wii us case, it means youre going to need to purchase a y cable, plug the single end into the external, and both of the other ends into the two usb ports on the wii u. I bought an external hard drive to play my wii backups, but fat32 is not an option, only ntfs and exfat. Jan 09, 2016 ive just bought xenoblade chronicles x digital and its filled the whole of the wii u storage, im looking at a small hard drive on amazon and wondering if it will work ok. Nov 20, 2012 page 1 of 2 wii u malfunctions when connected to usb storage posted in wii u hardware. How to set up an external hard drive on wii u steps get an external hard drive. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Jan 08, 2015 but for that to happen, i need to use my wii u hard drive in order to backup my ps3 stuff before changing the drive. Now, you cant buy a disc and then install that disc to the usb hard drive. Wii external hard drive format for dios mios youtube. What format should an external hard drive be in for the wii. Before you connect your external hard drive make sure you have power going to. Must i dedicate my entire external hdd to the wii u. I attempted to format the device, but after several patient hours of waiting, it was still checking the external hard drive.

That doesnt increase piracy btw, the fact the xbox 360 can be hacked is for completely unrelated reasons. Reformatting hdd used on wii u so it can be used on a pc. Strategy guide guide for grand theft auto iv on xbox 360. After deleting some games and apps we found that there was still not enough space, so we went and got an external hard drive. I bought this bag because i was tired of packing all my wii u equipment into a duffel bag where.

What are the best external hard drives for your wii u. Free delivery mymemory memory cards, micro sd cards. I do not have enough hard drive space on my wii u console to. Best sellers gift ideas new releases whole foods todays deals amazonbasics coupons gift cards customer service free shipping shopper toolkit registry sell this page works best with javascript. The wii u detected it right away, gave me the option to format it which i did, and from there on out, my. How to set up a external hard drive on wii u wii u wiki guide ign. Sandisk 64gb extreme pro v30 sd card sdxc uhsi u3 170mbs. After a short wait, you should be prompted that youll need to format your usb device to use it with the wii u. Do you use a external hard drive with your wii u nintendo. All hard drives fail, because despite their connection to electronic devices, hard drives are or were mechanical in nature.

If you do not have enough hard drive space to download the new content update file on your wii u console, please delete the old content update by follow the steps below. How to back up and play your wii games from an external hard. Lifehacker reader mike put together a tutorial on enabling hard drive based playback. This tells me that the formatting the wii u does identifies the disk contents as not only specific to that console, but also specific to that external usb device. To ensure maximum performance between your wii u and an external storage device, we recommend using a hard disc drive hdd with a dedicated power source i. As for the op, when you plug it into a pc can you copy things to it and play stuff from it like a video or music. I also want to put music and movies on this hard drive too to play on my wii.

I was wondering if you had a external hard drive formatted for your wii u and you were going to format your wii u, would the hard drive still work after formatting or would you have to reformat. It connects to the usb port on the wii u and has its own external power cord. Wii u external hard drive recovery the independent. We picked three brandname ieee94 pg cardsto try out. Sorry for taking so long to upload this video but here is how you format and setup an external hard drive to play wii and gc backups. My wii us external hard drive stopped working general. For example, when the cursor is on a graphic, the formatting bar provides tools for formatting graphics. Discover nintendo switch, nintendo 3ds, nintendo 2ds, wii u and amiibo. If youre buying digital games on the wii u, youre going to run out of space. Only the geeks want wii hard drives according to nintendo. How do i format usb storage media for use with wii u. A few hours later, i realized i could use the new hdd for my pc and my old seagate usb 2.

So, im returning the device and buying a device suggested by nintendo. Select format remember, this will erase any data currently on the hard drive, and once you format a drive for the wii u, you wont be able to use it on a pc or mac without re formatting it. I had the issue where the wiiu stated cannot format hdd, so i plugged it back into my pc and formatted it with minitool partition. Once connected and formatted for use, the external.

Like with the dlc, all of the accomplishments of both games on eflc will be added to the xbox 360 achievement and ps3 trophy lists. External powered hard drives only need one usb plug, one to the wii u and the other plugged into the hard drive. What do i do if i want to use this hard drive for wii games as well as regular usb use. My pc recognizes the new hdd, but cannot bring it up in computer nor can it give me the option of formatting it like xbox formatted flashdrives do. Select yes to begin the formatting of the hard drive. Get console support, games info, nintendo news and learn about my nintendo.

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