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Inappropriate the list including its title or description facilitates illegal activity, or contains hate speech or ad hominem attacks on a fellow goodreads member or author. Remus has a migraine and doesnt like the noise at all. On the other hand, some authors make me wonder if theyve ever seen a child, let alone been around one. Severus snape and sirius black have never gotten along, but what happens. Invisible charm siriusseverus maurders era story fanfiction romance november 12, 2017. Beloved enemies, and canis major harrysnape, harrylucius, harrysirius defunct harry and draco fanfiction archive harrydraco defunct harryweasley slash archive. And these mates are nothing more and nothing less than james potter and sirius black both veela. Posts about harry potterseverus snapelord voldemort tom riddle written by burningorgan. But, finally, after seventeen years of abuse, one dark haired english teacher, severus snape, decides to help him. Also, sirius brother regulus ends up helping severus alot throughout the story and even punches sirius at one point. With suitors crawling out of the woodwork, an unknown admirer writing passionate poetry and sending rare books, one would think he had enough to deal with already. Spam or selfpromotional the list is spam or selfpromotional. The tale of the professor of muggle studies, as she raises her troubled nephew and comes to terms with her job, her colleagues, and the difficulties inherent in being a muggle teacher at a magical school.

Harry potter and severus snape fanfiction sweet and sour snape. After living in an orphanage for seven yrs, harry finally is rescued by a man w billowing black robes. They only come once an age, and each is as valuable as the last. Sirius is furious and is going to repeat the old mistake. Other era severus and sirius start fighting over a newspaper article. Harry potterseverus snapelord voldemort tom riddle. Severus discovered that it was a veela, not an alpha but an omega. Sirius meets severus and feels something special that he never felt with anyone before. But is it lucky that he has dumbledore and the order to look after him. Snape mpreg archive is an archive for mpreg fanfiction and fanart featuring severus snape. Net aff, the site, its owners, agents, and any other entities related to or the aff forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the by its members. Sirius drifted on a tide of bliss, slowly coming awake. Hermione discovers rons infidelities a week before their wedding, embarrassed by the fact she was the last to know, she runs away to a different country where she is reunited with someone from her past.

I particularly like enemies to lovers motive and also marauders era. Please message me with recommendations or to join staff. Fiftythree stories about snape and black by amanuensis summary. Potions and snitches snape and harry gen fanfiction archive. When tom riddle made horcruxes, he cheated death, and, if the three brothers are any indication, death does not take kindly to being cheated. Anal beast bmod cbt fet mm mpreg oral rim solo spank tf toys wip ws. The war has ended and as such people start showing their real colors. This one is fast gaining on my other favourite harry potter pairings. Potterremus lupinsirius blackseverus snape severusmarauders severus snape james potter sirius black remus lupin madame pomfrey mpreg. Sirius blackseverus snape works archive of our own. Fiftythree stories about snape and black by amanuensis.

Because of some type of parting curse by voldemort or the death eaters, harry and severus are forced to bond. Two sisters are charmed so nobody will notice them, but that doesnt stop two of their fellow students. Some authors are pretty good at writing them as father son. You are remembered, alan rickman, february 21 1946 january 14, 2016. When severus is revealed as omega his life is turned upside down. Remus lupin and sirius black find severus snape, after voldemort has put him through hell devils pet 4. He takes sev back to gryffindor house, and he bonds with sirius black. While the writing in this fanfiction start off very shaky severuss point of view is first person, while hermiones is in third person, it does even out a few chapters in and become not only more detailed, but has the thought processes of the characters increase as well. Great snarry fanfiction featuring a possessive snape.

The difference between darkness and black chapter 1. Severus is sent a letter that will change the lives of several people including remus and harry. Weasley tells harry to go to the kitchen where he finds snape and his godfather, sirius black, sitting in awkward silence because they are old rivals from school days. Snape notices jessica as soon as she appears at the slytherin table while angies skill at. I struggle with an adoration for this notsopopular pairing. Obviously this will be mpreg male pregnancy severus snape. The archive was hosted at geocities and moved at least twice. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Harry and severus decide its time to tell sirius and remus about their relationship. Searching the missing chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic fanfiction. Incorrect book the list contains an incorrect book please specify the title of the book. Severus snape important scenes in chronological order. If youre not sure what any of that means, youre probably in the wrong place. Sirius blackseverus snape 5 severus snapevoldemort 4 hermione grangerron weasley 4 lucius malfoynarcissa black malfoy 4 sirius blackremus lupin 3 include additional tags pregnant severus snape 48 mpreg 37 bottom severus snape 25 alternate universe canon divergence 10 fluff 7 alternate universe 6 sub severus snape 6.

Severus finds out sirius kept a secret that will change many lives. By the light outside, it was sometime around midday, or possibly later. How harrys finds out is up to you, it could be through creature inheritance, medical needaccident, potion accidentassignment etc. But the worst is that he has not just one mate but two. Severus snapeoriginal character coffee and chocolate. Jans list of harry potter fanfiction little ones fics. Problem is that the baby hes carrying is a prophecy baby, and albus, after hearing about it.

It had become a custom over these last three weeks to snuggle in front of the fire together during the evenings. On the last night of winter break, severus snape arrives at grimmauld place, headquarters of the order of the phoenix. Sirius blackremus lupin sirius blackseverus snape mpreg alphabeta omega dynamics omega sirius black unhealthy relationships discipline. Harry potter disappears, why did he, where did he go, and who are those two kids that seem to belong to severus. Org is not in any way associated with or related to fanfiction. After an unusual occurrence during a winter trip to hogsmeade in their seventh year, james potter, lily evans, sirius black, remus lupin, peter pettigrew, molly prewett, and severus snape find themselves trapped in an enchanted labyrinth, and each branded with the animal that represents their person. Sirius turned away from the brilliant tropical sunlight and toward the much more glorious creature in his bed.

Snape was born a halfblood, but always craved siriuss pureblood status, he was raised poor, while sirius was rich, and longed for acceptance among the ranks of powerful dark wizards, while sirius longed to abolish his connection to them. Harry potter slash malemale albus severusscorpius albus potter is kidnapped by the remaining death eaters, in the hope that he will fulfill a prophecy that he will be the new dark lord. Of wolf and man part 3 harry snuggled closer to his godfather, rubbing his cheek against sirius shoulder while he felt sirius arm tighten around him just a bit. Problem is that the baby hes carrying is a prophecy baby, and albus, after hearing about it, decides severus is not. In many ways, sirius and snape are foils of one another. Tagged with severus snapeoriginal character june 28th, 2007 brave new world. This part of the story was the culmination of the fight with voldemort following dylans introduction into the death eaters.

Fortunately they didnt have proof but they still hated him. Severus snapes most important scenes and arcs in the harry potter film series in. Sirius blackremus lupin sirius blackseverus snape mpreg alphabetaomega dynamics omega sirius black unhealthy relationships discipline. Harry and draco try to rescue hermione from rons abuse, on the way some are reunited with family that they didnt know that they had. Which, by the way, was rare, as the veela were in the process of extinction. Only one, a huge black dog, finds him hiding in the forbidden forest and teaches him a lesson hell never forget. Great snarry fanfiction featuring a possessive snape as i have mentioned before, i love reading snarryespecially when snape is possessive. Death values those who are not crushed by being handed an impossible hand in life, and severus snape was one such person. Draco, fred, george, harry, remus, sirius, severus, harryseverus, remussirius, harrydraco, harryremus, severusremus, dracoremus, severussirius. Creature harry potter, vampires, damphyr, halfvampires, mpreg, bottom. Anyway, this story is mpreg and contains violence, rape, angst, and. Mm, abuse, forced the non con is not harrydraco, slavery, ds, anal, mild s. Harry has been working on becoming an animagus to spend the full moons with remus now that sirius is gone.

The room was hot and stuffy and smelled of sex, and they had kicked the covers off in the night. Draco malfoyharry potter, sirius blackremus lupin, lucius malfoyseverus snape, omcofc. When the death eaters take ginny away, ron is left to watch over james, albus, and hugo. After a horrifying summer of abuse, severus snape is harboring a dark secret. While his boyfriend was in coma, a lonely lupin while drunk sleeps with snape, whom he harbored a secret love since their schooldays. Daddy snape, mentor, adoptive father, severitus etc.

Partly clear, partly implied slash, mpreg, hetfemmeslash. Read hot and popular stories about severus on wattpad. Severus, however, was cleverer, and remus is pregnant. Starts between 6th and 7th year during the summer, making harry 16 at the beginning. He is introduced to magic and goes to live with severus, uknowingly exposing himself to necromancers, death eaters, and a corrupted ministry. Sirius black and severus snape argue at grimmauld place. Stories that feature harry potter and severus snape prominently. Chan highlight for spoilers chan, 1618, hogwarts years, mpreg, rimming summary. Quality, mostly novellength stories with original plots and welldeveloped characters. Severus snape and sirius black another example of the popular rival dynamic that a lot of the most popular pairings depend on.

This is my first sirius x severus story, so if characters are ooc then dont. Severus and sirius are literally stuck together for 24 hours. The story of severus snape and sirius black, two wizards in the middle of a bit of puppy love. Severus snape and sirius black finally get over their enmity highway to hell 1. Best collection of harry potter fanfiction on the internet, bar none. Now sirius was raising harry even though everyone thought that he was a death eater. Pairing neutral, no slash, and no character bashing. A winters tale submitted through makebelieve posted 073003 severus snapesirius black. An affair between harry and severus holds unexpected consequences and. This is a multifandom rec list for fanfiction containing mpreg andor omegaverse themes, organised by fandom in order.

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