Informatik image driver 3-500zg

Informatik image driver is the most complete and customizable solution for the conversion of documents into pdf, jpeg, tiff or other graphical files custom. Open any printable windows document, select the informatik image driver as your printer, specify the output folder and output file name, and a single or multi page tiff. In the windows explorer doubleclick on the imagedriver. Informatik image driver is a raster driver that creates jpeg,pdf and pdf files from any windows application. Technische informatik mit locad2002 arbeitsplattform hessen. We offer software for graphics conversions, graphics editing, image viewers, scanning, pdf, document imaging, and deed mapping. Differential equations in image processing and computer. Products expert tools windows informatik image driver. Expert tools windows informatik image driver pdfprint. Informatik image viewer is an allpurpose image viewer for multipage tiff files, bmp, png, gif and jpeg.

The driver works as a printer and will appear, after installation, under printers and faxes. Introduction the informatik image driver creates tiff, pdf, and jpeg files from virtually any printable windows document. Do you need a program that can convert any printable document to a tiff file single page or multipage, or to other graphics formats like png, bmp, gif, jpeg, pdf. There are many printer driver programs on the market. Expert tools image driver we offer image conversion tools such as pdf2tiff and tiff2pdf of all kinds, as well as other useful printer and image tools. Trial versions expert tools informatik image driver. Simply print the document excel,pdf, powerpoint, txt, word, etc. Informatik viewer has all the features of popular image viewers, but makes it very easy to run through the pages of multipage tiff files, annotating, redacting and editing the. Simply open the document for example open a word file in microsoft word, choose print from the file menu, select the informatik image driver 3. Informatik viewer is a versatile image viewer, that is optimized for multipage tiff files, but also supports other standard graphics formats, such as jpeg, png, bmp. Based in pennsylvania, usa, since 1994, informatik inc has specialized in graphics software.

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