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Aug 25, 2019 download seaside multi skype launcher a userfriendly software solution that enables you to launch several skype sessions at the same time, even if you want to use a microsoft account. Mk808b mini pc stick computers terry when searching for an android mini pc to purchase for my home media center, i made a list of the criteria that needed to be met. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. One of the best known upgrades is called the finless rom, named after its creator. Have included link to rom download and further details. Dzieki mk808 w porownaniu do smart tv nic cie nie ogranicza. Rom download link,click me features and release notes for my 2. Microsoft also released a beta skype version earlier this year called skype insiders, which is also free on the play store and still there. We were able to set the device to 1080p by flashing it with a custom rom called finless 2. The stock rom is pretty nice this time unlike the beta 4.

I read on the net that a user has flashed the finless 1. Ive got a logitech c170 webcam hooked up to my mk808b running finless 2. The camera driver does not support hd resolution and is limited to standard resolution on skype. The mk808b plus is a quadcore android mini pc powered by an. The mk808b android mini pc works with skype and other. Worked well for me with the chrome download provided and with the web. May 18, 20 this rom is based on the official android 4. Oct 25, 2017 my friend cant skype call me because her kindle wont work and this is what she said so when i call you it rings like normal. Popular apps like xbmc,skype,gmail can be included within. If you want the rom come with rooted, u can try new mk808 finless 1. In stockthe same in mk808b minix hybridthe same except it show different screens after blackgray an other. Nov, 2016 this firmware is for mk808b plus tv stick with amlogic s805 cpu.

Enter the popular android htpc tv stick mysteriously named mk808b plus. This firmware is for mk808b tv stick with rockchip rk3066 cpu. As for quad core version, we have the mk908 and mk908ii. Aug 24, 2015 this firmware is for mk808b tv stick with rockchip rk3066 cpu. Settings not sticking installed the mk808 finless 1. In fact, when i use a 1080 kernel, my wifes likes the look of the 720 better for android stuff like games, email, skype, etc so i really do hope.

Download this app from microsoft store for windows 10, windows 10 mobile, xbox one. Almost always i have to call a land line or mobile phone, because the other person is not on skype or is out of the office, etc. She has the kindle fire tablet and her skype version is 7. Skype on mk808, ug802, mx1, neo g4 and mk802 iii android 4. This is rom firmware pack for mk808b plus android 4. Its just skype, but with a ton of updates that microsoft is working on to improve skype on android. The mk808 is one of those gadgets that creates a fervent emotional response. Dec 31, 2012 have included link to rom download and further details. I seem to have a irritating problem, when clicking on a video file in explorer it always ask which video player to use, mx player or the built in one. Playback of streamed media from the web is smooth with good video and sound quality. Again this rom is made by bob finless on freaktab and base on the mk808b android 4. To flash firmware on this box via amlogic usb burning tool read this article. Be sure you download the right rom of these 3 versions. Download here for free as you need once you are logged in.

I am deploying 85 of these units into homes where i do home health care. Mk 808b plus finless rom rom download109k4 stock firmware for mk808b plus quad core tv stick add usb lan support. Now we have mk808b on sale, which will not stop producing in short time. Thus you know me i decided to make a finless rom 2. The mk808 has been replaced by several different models, including the androset mk808b dual core on amazon. Check out both apps and let us know which one you like more.

I found the mk808b plus on gearbest when i was searching for a portable media center that would meet my demands and be flexible enough for me to try different operating systems on. Hi there, is there any option that i can connect my webcam for skype video calls. All you need to get going with these snazzy products is a little pay as you go skype credit. The inexpensive mk808b android stick offers android jelly bean. Oct 25, 2012 for starters why not send a text message directly from skype. The same thing is happenig with mk808b minix hybrid.

Custom firmware mk808b minix hybrid firmware by lewy. Properly configured with additional storage and accessories, the mk808 can serve as the center of a media room or as a perfectly capable computer for browsing the web, checking email, listening to music or making phone calls over skype. Download seaside multi skype launcher a userfriendly software solution that enables you to launch several skype sessions at the same time, even if you want to use a microsoft account. Tronsmart has kept their promise and released an android 4. This firmware is for mk808b pro tv stick with amlogic s905 cpu. I will do the mk808 nonb next so stay tuned for that. How to get skypes new android app with native calling, sms. Backing up and flashing an mk808b with finless rom 1. They are really great performance with great price. Official firmware mk808 official firmware 10th jan. Also, you can download the new version from our blog. Streaming media players free delivery possible on eligible purchases. The new skype app is lacking a lot of the functionality of the previous version of skype, it is a work in progress and a lot of users do not like the new app.

Rom mk808b stock plus goodies android development and. Plus, when i am making business calls as most of my skype calls are i cant ask people to download skype just for my convenience so i can make a call to them for free. A user on the freak tab forums, tomek, shared that the creative live. Next, go into the installed skype folder on your computer download the program first if you havent already got it. Custom firmware all mk808b firmware vondroid community. Mk808b order, shipping and experience tell us where to buy it from, which companies to avoid and what you think of your mk808b.

Popular apps like xbmc, skype,gmail can be included within. Custom firmware all mk808b firmware discussion in mk808b custom roms started by mrkus21, mar 9. A guide for running skype on android mini pcs such as the mk808, ug802. The skype for mac application is now available for download from the official site. This is made from the latest 109k4 release that fixes usb dongles kind of.

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