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Author brahmaputra the story of lachit barphukan, assamese contemporary of chhatrapati shivaji and sahyadris to hindukush history column in dna newspaper, articles in swarajya, indiafacts, tfi and other online publications. Pdf download for assam history general knowledge gkwala. The summer temperature remains within 38 degree celsius. This film was more about my growing up years rather than a political history of assam, he said. Introduction the history of assam has passed several stages of development to reach to its present state. A brief history of assam hardcover january 1, 2007 by n. The first english weekly the times of assam was printed from the radhanath press in dibrugarh and the first issue came out on 5 january 1895. It discuss the history of the colonial province of assam which included most of modern assam. From prehistoric to independence and strategy to cover it for apsc prelims and mains exam art,handicrafts and paintings forms of assam british rule in assam constitution and reorganization of assam fairs and festivals of assam folk dances of assam folk songs of assam former princely states of assam and zamindaris. According to the sources, students will have to answer an additional 100marks paper on assams history and geography. Following are 20 objective type questions from assam history. Atiu iti king bandang aslagan ning kabundukan a himalayas, a bibilugan ning lambak da reng ilug a brahmaputra ampong barak, ampo ing karbi anglong ampo reng. Don not forget to check the following topics month wise current affairs 2019 national question answers international current affairs 2019.

The winter temperature does not normally fall below 6 degree celsius. Pdf download for assam history general knowledge, assam history gk pdf download, this pdf file for assam gk and best gk for the competitive exam. The state of assam has a rich and ancient history, the foundation of which can be found in the vedic and tantric literature, assamese folklore and buddhist literature. Aug 19, 2015 assam history questions for general studies paper. This book has been a touchstone for the illustrious scholars and had always been referred to as a pristine form of primordial assam s history. Department for the preparation of political history of assam, government of assam, 1978. We wish these books will definitely help you in cracking the apsc mains examination. Literary culture book history cultural construct colonial administration. Literature helps revisit assams history the sunday.

It was edited by radhanath changkakoti, who with the help of the chief surgeon of lakhimpur district, dr. Although invaded over the centuries, it was never a vassal or a colony to an external power until the third burmese invasion in 1821, and, subsequently. Detailed notes for geography of assam specifically designed notes for assam geography can be bought at minimum price in pdf or printed format geography of assam plays a crucial role in not only assam psc prelims exam but even apsc mains exam. On a firmer historical footing, references to the kingdom, then called kamrup, are found in archaeological remains of the gupta empire in north india. See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. India since independence by bipan chandra current events 10. A large building was then erected of bamboos and grass, with a raised bamboo platform. The present name assam derives from the name of a sinotibetan tribe, the ahoms, who came from north burma and conquered eastern assam in 1228 a. Assam has the monopoly in production of muga the golden silk. This was the river which acted as a conduit for the mughal armies who invaded assam several times during the rule of the ahom rulers. Are there any good books about the history of northeast india.

Assams digboi refinery is the oldest refinery in asia which started production in 1901. Assam is also blessed with a bounty of natural resources viz. Buy a history of the assam company, 18391953 by antrobus, hinson allan isbn. I cant be the only westerner for whom assam mostly means tea. Bengali, oriya and assamese form the easternmost group of the indo aryan languages, and they have a common source in magadhi apabhramsa, the principal dialect that developed for the old eastern prakrit. Few good books on assam strangers of the mist by sanjoy hazarika. About the book this text cover an important period in the history of modern northeast india from the treaty of yandabo in 1826 that marked the beginning of british expansion in the region till partition in 1947. History secretariat administration department originally formed a part of the establishment branch of the finance department. Geography of assam notes are designed by apsc toppers and other civil servants.

Pl go through a newspaper like the hindu or toi plus the assam tribune regularly. History of assam by the priyam goswami is also a book with lots of facts and figures about the state. Subasri krishnan who made what the fields remember a documentary on the massacre wrote. Its author, shahbuddin talesh, accompanied mir jumlas army on its invasion of assam in 1661 1662. Its fast and have most of the important events in modern assam history. It also includes the literary works in the older forms of the language during its evolution to the contemporary form and its cultural heritage and tradition.

Seeing as how gait is like a gospel for novices entering the realm of assam history, this book is a fresh change that tries to battle the colonial perspective on assam in its own way. Students of classes 9 and 10 in assam will get free textbooks from academic year 201718 as the assam government aims to increase enrolment in state funded schools and reduce dropout rate. Buy a comprehensive history of assam book online at low. Nellie massacre how xenophobia, politics caused assams. In fact, the earliest mention of the area can be found in epics like the mahabharata and other such religious legends, apart from two medieval texts the kalika purana and the yogini tantra. A very good approach to disseminating the recent history of assam. Assam history speaks of the traditions and cultures of the oldest periods of human civilizations. This text cover an important period in the history of modern northeast india from the treaty of yandabo in 1826 that marked the beginning of british expansion in the region till partition in 1947. The corporation is under the administrative control of the department of education elementary, government of assam.

The book starts with the onset of british until freedom struggle. Dodging bullets and memories in documentary on assam. History of assam the first references to assam are in the mahabharata, the puranas and the tantras ancient indian books. Constable barabaruwa, hiteswara 18761939 1981, ahomar din, guwahati. No links to the content red colour are links 1 timeline of assam history 2 ancient pragyotishpur and kamarupa with geographical extent in map 3 traditional kings of assam 4 ruling dynasties of ancient assam the varmana dynasty. The vast assamese literature reveals various registers of literary culture in operation. The book delves deep into goswamis personal and professional life. In a new fivepart series, firstpost views bloody chapters in indian history, through. A social history of assamese literature book online at best prices in india on. The corporation is under the administrative control of the department of education. The assam family name was found in the usa, the uk, canada, and scotland between 1891 and 1920. It really is not a very enlightening book because it gives very little of the story and the big picture behind its unique history. The histor y o f ass am is the hist ory of a confluence of people from the east, west, south and the north. This is a work which common person with history interest should read.

History secretariat administration government of assam, india. This is really a very bare bones outline of the history of assam in northeast india. Guwahati is among the top 100 fastest growing cities in the world. Browse the worlds largest ebookstore and start reading today on the web, tablet, phone, or ereader. Buy a comprehensive history of assam book online at best prices in india on. This writer was recently invited as guest faculty in the department of history, dibrugarh university, assam, to speak on the interconnections between literature and history, on the one hand, and on religion and political culture, on the other. The history of assam is the history of a confluence of people from the east, west, south and the north. The neighboring states of arunachal pradesh, nagaland, mizoram, and meghalaya were once part of assam. It also includes the literary works in the older forms of the language during its evolution to the contemporary form and. Missionary writing and the selffashioning of assamese cultural. History of assam by edward gait the ahoms by arup kr dutta navin buragohains extensive coverage of ahom era is found in sivasagar book shops and also, just outside the historical sites.

I purchased the book after finding an excerpt of the first chapter online for free. However, it was in 20 with japanese scholar makiko kimuras book the. The capital, formerly shillong, was shifted to dispur in 1972. Assam history is replete with stories of battles, conquest, annexation and reconciliation on the banks of the brahmaputra. We hope these questions will help you in your preparation for apsc combined competitive examination apsc cce or assam civil service exam and other competitive exams. The major cities of assam are guwahati, silchar, dibrugarh, tinsukia and jorhat. Geeta seshu interviews an intrepid reporter who covered the assam agitation at its. These books will be compulsory for students of class ix and x. In the mahabharata, the puranas, the tantras there are references of the kingdom known as kamrupa kingdom. The reason we suggest you seba books over ncert books is the inclusion of topics related to assam and north east in seba books, specially for history and geography parts. Migration, line system and its impact on politics in assam. Which wont sound nice to people who know the place.

The most assam families were found in the usa in 1920. The river has been a witness to numerous battles over the ages. The first oil reserves of india were discovered in assam in the late 19 th century and thats why assam is one of the large and old petroleum resources. The name assam is derived from the word asama, meaning peerless in the now extinct ahom language. In the ancient indian epics like ramayana and mahabharata, assam was known as kamarupa or pragjyotish. This was about 50% of all the recorded assams in the usa. Chaolung sukaphaa founder of ahom kingdom in assam. Enriched by many dynastic traits, the land of assam remains one of the most enticing states of india. A history of assam by gait, edward albert, sir, 1863publication date 1906 publisher. There has been a confluence of people of the indoaryan, austroasiatic and tibetoburman origin in the state and this has led to the currently existing blend of culture and. Early history and development of the purusa samhati sect of assam vaisnavism. This was the river which acted as a conduit for the mughal armies who invaded. Seba push for books on assams history, geography guwahati.

In 1930, there were only 5 secretariat departments and a few branches with clerical strength of 35 upper division assistants and 124 lower division assistants under 5 head assistants working under the administrative. As the name suggests, it is a memoir on the happenings in assam. This page will deals with assam current affairs gk question answers that means student of assam state can get their latest general knowledge question on their states, villages, cities e. Assam state textbook production and publication corporation limited is an undertaking of the government of assam was established on 30th march 1972 under the indian companies act, 1956. The history and origin of the indian state of assam is believed to have mythological roots. The book however is not solely a documentary account of what. I recommend this book to everyone, whether interested in film, documentary books, or anything that has to do documentaries at all past, present or future. Nice research to find all these and presumably all the better for having been to the area. One very good source of ascertaining that even outside of the north east, the region was known as assam and or its variants is a book known as the tarikh e ashaam.

Books about assam or by assamese writers score a books total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. The book touches on many aspects which are missing from history books. Fundamentals of assamese metre with special reference to its history from the beginning to the mid 20 th century. Appears in 10 books from 19061972 page iv ahoins wore endowed with the historical faculty in a very high degree. The result can be seen in the creation of a great assamese culture. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. It discuss the history of the colonial province of assam which included most of modern assam meghalaya nagaland mizoram and arunachal pradesh. Department for the preparation of political history of assam, government of assam, 1978 assam.

Posts about assam history written by aneesh gokhale. The inhabitants of assam comprises of the migrants from myanmar and china who came from punjab through bihar and north bengal. Assam history multiple choice questions mcqs set 1. Reminded me of when i did a similarly obscure estonian list not long ago which weirdly enough also has 18 books. In 1920 there was 1 assam family living in massachusetts. Today the state is the largest onshore producer of petroleum and gas. History secretariat administration government of assam. It almost just a laundry list of kingdoms, rulers, wars, and a small bit about society in general. Non cooperation movement and swarajist politics in assam.

Sense of preservation of these historical legacies 3. Assam is the largest tea producing state in india, accounting to almost 50 percent of the total production. Assam is unique because it happens to be the melting pot of different ethnic, religious and linguistic communities. Government of india act, 1919 dyarchy on trial in assam.

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